Explorer Jollybox

The Jollybox is packed with lots of low cost ideas for playing imaginatively with your children. It has numerous ideas, amazing facts and games that will keep children entertained for hours and without a TV or PC in sight. The Explorer Jollybox equips parents with the tools to transport their child into an exciting, imaginary world of characters, themes and scenarios. Travel to new places! Meet strange tribes! Journey to a volcano or a polar ice cap! Shake hands with a Scientist, rub noses with an Eskimo, or beg for mercy from a Pirate! Learn some fascinating facts about the rainforest! Perfect for budding Marco Polos and grown up armchair travellers! Children are encouraged to explore their imaginations through creative play, acting and drawing. Jollyboxes have been created to promote problem-solving skills, strengthen communication and encourage social interaction in children at an early age.

ID: 6810

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